Boutique Black Limited Edition Print Silk Neckerchiefs are designed, printed and made in Australia with the finest 100% Silk fabric. Luxuriously soft and smooth to touch, with a sublime matt sheen finish. Our Limited Edition Print Silk Neckerchiefs are made to order, exclusively for you. Be part of the slow fashion movement, by buying quality, handcrafted garments.


The NYC Black & White design has a unique and interesting monochromatic pattern.


The Story Of The Print


The “NYC Black & White" limited edition print is a professional photograph taken from the top of the Rockafella building. The focal point of the image is the Empire State Building, fading out to a view of the financial district and beyond to the Statue of Liberty. This artwork was captured on a professional Canon EOS 1D Mark11 camera by Pro Photographer and Designer, Alise Black. The Empire State building is an iconic landmark in NYC, a real symbol of the ‘Empire State of Mind’ evoking a sense that ‘anything is possible’.


We transformed the original photographic capture into a stunning, repetitive, symmetrical abstract. We love this piece because of the detail that the Canon EOS 1D Mark11 camera revealed. When you look closely at the print you can see the Empire State Buildings sharp lines and spire. For us, this design represents assertiveness yet portrays something of beauty in a man made concrete jungle. 

Stylist Tip: 
This Silk Neckerchief is pure luxury. The 45x45cm dimensions allows you to wear it multiple ways around the neck, as a headband, around your wrist or add some flare to your handbag! Be sure to show off your abstract wearable artwork of the most iconic city location in the world - NYC

Silk Neckerchief | NYC Black & White | Limited Edition Print

Print Name: NYC Black & White
  • 100% Silk
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    Limited Edition Print: NYC Black & White


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